About Edde Almond Paste Inc.

Edde Almond Paste Inc. was established in 1989, as Canada’s first and only Almond Paste manufacturer.

Founded by renowned Chef Jean Edde, our vision was to provide bakers and pastry chefs with a range of high-quality, great tasting ingredients. Years later, we are fulfilling that vision by inspiring bakery success every day.

As a family business and world renowned baking ingredients manufacturer, our employees strive to offer top of the line products, as we continue to transform the industry and inspire success by recruiting the best people in the industry, innovative products and meaningful partnerships with customers.

We have evolved a lot over the years while remaining true to our values ​​and culture.

Your Ally in Success!

For more than a quarter of a century, Edde Almond Paste Inc. has affiliated itself with the best Bakers in the world to provide customized solutions that helps your business grow and will please all customers.

Our Team

Carla Edde

As an expert in market demands, Carla Edde quickly adapts to new trends and needs of the market.

Alongside the R&D department, she researches and develops new products, inserting her special touch.

Pastry chef Jean Edde

Baker since 1968, pastry chef Jean Edde started off with a chain of bakery and pastry shops in Canada’s National Region.

Realizing that almond paste was quite an expensive and difficult commodity to get in America, he opened the first and only almond paste factory in Canada.

Pastry chef Jean Edde is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Tony Maalouf

Working around the clock to ensure all of our clients satisfaction, Tony Maalouf takes initiatives and develops new and constructive strategies.

His hands-on outlook establishes long lasting relationships with our clients.