Artisanal Bakeries

We know you’re proud of the handcrafted creations you make for your customers. We are too. Our baking experts have worked for decades to perfect the quality of ingredients and flavour of our recipes. Our goal is to innovate and understand every recipe and technique so that from our family to yours, you get the best from us every day.

Targeted Solutions for Artisanal Bakers

  • We provide quality ingredients, ideas and recipes to help you create signature items and trendy products.
  • With thousands of products to choose from, we have all the mixes, fillings, glazes and nut butters your business needs.
  • We are expert partners who care about your success, from your direct sales representatives, to the delivery team that brings you the products you ordered.
  • We have technical experts who will consult with your bakers and their staff to recommend new products or offer support for any challenges you may encounter.
  • We work to help you grow your business. From sharing the success stories, to offering advice on how to market products and price your products, Edde Almond Paste, Inc. is committed to you and your future.