These fillings have a velvety smooth texture that is ready to use in many applications.

The nuts are slowly roasted and grinded on-site for a fresh roasted flavour.  

Produced using the latest technology to ensure the smoothest texture.

- Add to butter cream and whip cream to give a rich flavour.
- Use to flavour mousses.
- Add between the layers of a cake or pastries.
- Mix into cakes or cookies.
- Use as a filling for chocolate pieces.
- Add to gelato and ice cream.
- Spread on toast or bread.

Almond Praline

BIP05 - 5 kg pail

Cashew Praline

BCP05 - 5 kg pail

Hazelnut Praline

BHP05 - 5 kg pail

Cappuccino Cream Praline

A filling that is ready to use in many applications. It combines the delicious taste of coffee and chocolate with a fineness that melts in your mouth.

- 5 kg pail