Nut Butters

Produced using the latest technology to ensure the smoothest texture.

Our nuts are slowly roasted on-premises and grinded giving it a sensational freshly roasted nutty flavour.

- Base for beverages
- Add to buttercream and whip cream to give a rich flavour.
- Add between the layers of a cake or pastries.
- Mix into cakes or cookies.
- Use as a filling for chocolate pieces.
- Add to gelato and ice cream

Almond Butter, 100% Pure

Almond Butter is made using California grown almonds. 

- 5 kg pail

Hazelnut Paste, 100% Pure

Hazelnut Paste is purely 100% hazelnuts. 

- 4.54 kg pail

Pistachio Paste, Pure

PVC20 - 5 kg pail