Fruit Fillings

Fillings made with real fruits, remarkable fruit colour, and superior flavour.

Perfect for all your pastry and dessert needs. 

Easy to use, bake stable and freeze/thaw tolerant.

Application :

- Filling for tarts, pies, cakes, flans, muffins, strudels, etc.
- Garnish all fine pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, cobblers, parfaits and danishes.

Apple Filling

FAP12 - 12 kg crtn

Blueberry Filling

FBP12- 12 kg crtn

Cherry Filling

FCH12 - 12 kg crtn

Date Puree

PDT15 - 12 kg crtn

Lime Filling

FLG12 - 12 kg crtn

Lemon Filling

 FLP12 - 12 kg crtn

Pineapple Filling

FPP12 - 12 kg crtn

Peach Filling

FPQ12 - 12 kg crtn

Prune Lekvar

FPR18 - 18 kg pail

Raspberry Filling

FRP12 - 12 kg crtn

Strawberry Filling

FSP12 - 12 kg crtn