Chef Jean Edde - President 

Founded by Chef Jean Edde, Edde Almond Paste Inc. specializes in the preparation of a range of ingredients for the bakery and pastry sector.

Baker since 1968, Chef Edde started off with a chain of bakeries and Pastry shops in Canada's National Region.

Realizing that Almond Paste was not manufactured in Canada, he decides to open the first and only Almond Paste factory in Canada.

Our Mission

Being a family owned enterprise, our employees strive to offer top of the line products to our customers as we are able to tackle projects a little faster.

Edde Almond Paste Inc. only offers the finest quality ingredients at the best available prices. 

With state-of-the-art equipment, we excel in research and development of new products.

Carla Edde

Executive Director

Expert in flavouring and market demands of the bakery and pastry sector, she adapts to every need, quickly, while researching and developing new product with the R&D team.

Tony Maalouf

General Manager

Working around the clock to ensure all our clients needs are met, he takes initiatives to develop constructive and effective solutions.